Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Beginning of My Etsy Shop

This old sewing machine is the first thing I used to prepare a creative space for my little shop at ETSY. I have always loved old peddle sewing machines. Look how pretty this is, i used it to make a sewing table and work space. I placed the table in front of my bay window so I can have a nice view to start creating. I have always made things with my sister since we were young girls. Sewing and crocheting are some the things I love. So why not make things for others in a shop. 
See how pretty she is to sew on and have a great work space.

This is my computer armoire

I got my inspiration from a great friend, Janet Metzger, known as The Empty Net on ETSY.  Janet is a woman of many talents. She is always surprising us with something new.  and

 So I created The Ladybug's Garden on beautiful picture for my shop logo was a gift from Janet. Come and visit my shop, you never know what treasures I might have created for you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and come again.


  1. Why thank you Miss. Stephanie! Your blog looks great..;-) I love your antique sewing table, I have one also. So pretty and functional.

  2. Janet is my girl! How happy I am to meet a friend of hers :) And you have a fantastic spot carved out for creating your wonderful shop items. Love it!


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