Sunday, May 16, 2010


 This is my Angel Trumpet Bush. Well it gets as big as a small tree at times when we don't get to cold of a winter. Color is a creamy peach. My sister in law gave me a little one gallon plant that has really grown. It gets just full of flowers at times. It blooms several times from spring through some of the winter, until we get a freeze. I can cut it back and it will keep growing. I have to watch my husband he will mow it or go weed eatting happy. He will say its getting to big. Hey don't touch it I'm watching you with that weed eater!


  1. That is just stunning Stephanie...looks like something you would find in Heaven ;-)

  2. Looks serene and beautiful. Love the photography, reminds me of a botanical garden in florida.

  3. I love these flowers! I need to jazz it up with something like this :)


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