Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quilted Valance Curtain Apron Up Cycled

Well everyone here is a little update on the beautiful Quilted Valance Curtain Apron Up Cycled I showed I was starting in my last tutorial. This is some of the things I see when I  am at thrift stores.You can find valances, pillow shams, table runners, doilies, sheets, pillow cases, table place mats, napkins, hand towels etc. It is all about something is one thing and yo can change it into something totally different..A new life for our unused and unwanted items. They are cheap and or free.  So why not make something with them. A valance can be cheap. Some are under $3. I am getting better creating as you can see here.

This is a pretty quilted valance I found. I cut it into two pieces to make two aprons. The colors are so much like a Spring Bouquet, I couldn't resist it. I saw a remnant of material in purple to make a big bow tie. On my last tutorial I used a sheet I found at the thrift store to cut out the tie. You can use anything for the material of the tie if you find the color or print you like.


 Here is the piece I had cut and matched with the purple for the tie. She is 15 inches long. 44 inches wide. Ties are 88 inches long total. Fits a large lady or small.

I finished the side edges after cutting it into two pieces. Press..Sewed my tie turned to right side and pressed. Run the tie through the top rod pocket and gather pushing apron in the middle of the tie. DONE

Here she is ...Quilted Valance Curtain Apron Up Cycled.

Isn't she just so beautiful.

This is so easy all you have to do can take less then one hour. I did not have to decorate the front of the apron it was already so pretty, but you can.

Until next time ....Stop by again to see what I might be creating!

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