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Well friends I have followed my husband on a business trip to Phoenix. Who ever said 110 degrees here is dry heat you don't feel it. Wrong you feel every degree. But this is the most amazing beautiful place you will see for a desert.The mountains are beautiful you are at awe of them. The hills are covered with the biggest Saguaro Cacti I have ever seen. There are so many different kinds of cactus.

These yucka plants are used to make baskets, shoes, rope etc  because of the strength of the parts of it. If you were to cut the cutus below open you could drink the liquid from them.   
These are eaten also.

Look how pretty the flowers are on top..
They are collected and eaten by people.

                                 This is a indian home made of stone.
When in the Grand Canyon area we visited the Navajo Indians.


                                                Navajo man starting                                         
 to do the Hunt Dancing

These are Navajo men singing in their native language and playing the dums to the dancing. All their dances are stories they tell from the past.
Clift Dwelling ...some indians lived in long ago.
     Beautiful Navajo  woman doing   the  Butterfly Dance.
Indian Cermony Circle

The Largest Metor Crater in USA...Flagstaff AZ.

The Grand Canyon
I even drove on Route 66...

The Grand Canyon is the most amazing.
Oh yes we always go to the museums anywhere we visit.

Visited the biggest truck museum
This a Ghost Western Town..It was like you didn't know if you were going to see a shoot out at any time. And yes a BIG Diamond Back Rattle Snake . They had a museum full of 18 different kind of rattlers. I am glade this was behind a glass..
The cuttiest little church in the Ghost Town...

At the end of very hot days the sunsets are the most beautiful.


  1. Arizona is so beautiful... crazy hot, but beautiful!

  2. My parents just returned from this same trip and loved every minute of it! They also said the heat was HOT!

  3. Gorgeous Cactus!!! Just beautiful land.

    Thanks for helping with the ID. I think it's Velvetleaf Weed tho, a nasty weed.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hello Steph!

    I loved this post.....beautiful photos! I have never been to the Grand Canyon...someday i'll get there. I have heard that the sunsets in Sedona are magnificent. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Janet xox


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