Friday, September 3, 2010


   I live in Houston Texas and fly often out of the George Bush Intl Airport.
 I was flying the other day with my family and saw something I though you would like to see. This wall art is in Houston Texas Terminal B. It looks like the Louisiana swamp. I think these tile wall art scenes are just so amazing. You don't really know it is made of small one inch ceramic tiles, unless you get close to the walls. From far away the walls look like the scenery is painted on to the walls.

See the big oak trees with bearded iris bulbs growing under them.
 A lot of different flowers and plants.

   This is all next to a river or swamp full of fish, snakes and alligators.

Such pretty colors in these tiles. My photos don't do the walls justice.
Look at this big crane waiting to catch a fish or frog to eat. Hey he may just be resting. Butterflies flying around also.

I love these large bearded irises. They look so real.

See the beautiful Hummingbird filling up on flower nectar.
There are so many other kinds of birds and bugs in on this wall art.

                            This looked so real, this pretty Mosquito Hawk,
                                           buzzing over the water.

                                 Well off to work in my shop.Until next time.
                            Come visit me and see what might be growing in 

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  1. That is beautiful! Looks like many things have changed since my days in Houston. Great photos Steph.

    Janet xox


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