Monday, October 18, 2010


Who's Talking About You?

Want to know who is talking about you on the web? Has anyone twittered about you? Or maybe featured you on a blog? I have found two social media search tools to help you know just that.

Real-time social media search and analysis:

All Blogs Microblogs Networks Bookmarks Comments Events Images News Videos Audio Questions is a social media search tool that allows users to search for conversations surrounding the topics that they care about most. Whether it be your favorite sport, favorite food, celebrity, or your company's brand name; can help you join in on the conversations that you care about most.

Our goal is to deliver the most relevant and current conversations happening in the world of social media.

How do we do that?

Our search and sorting algorithms combine data taken from over 60 of the internet's most popular social media gateways. We take this data and display it to you through our carefully designed interface that harnesses the power of AJAX to give you a seamlessly well organized user experience.

or select social media sources

Social Media Alerts

Like Google Alerts but for social media.
Receive free daily email alerts of your brand, company, CEO, marketing campaign, or on a developing news story, a competitor, or the latest on a celebrity          

Both Whos Talkin' and Social Mention allow you to enter your name or your company name in a search box, hit ENTER, and voila - a list of all the places you have been mentioned on social media sites around the web.

Social Mention also hits you with a lot more information. For instance, it will tell you whether these 'mentions' are positive, negative, or neutral. It also gives you a list of the top keywords used in the mentions, and lets you know what the sources are. And if you just have to know the instant you are mentioned, you can sign up for real time alerts. And if you know right now, does that make you vain or a master of marketing? Just wondering.

Both sites also have a plugin that allows you to type your search request into your browser's search bar, eliminating the need to even visit their sites.

And it goes without saying, although I'm saying it anyway, you can search any person, name, topic, etc and find out where they are popping up across the blogosphere. So, I know who's talking about you, now it is your turn to find out:

I found this great info on:

**So go try these sites and see who's talking about you and your blogs and shops.**
Come back and visit..hey leave a comment they are fun to read...bye for now!

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