Sunday, December 19, 2010


                            My Dream Trip To Paris
Well I have never been somewhere I loved the place at first site. But now I have Paris!

This is a place where just the look of it was so breath taking and amazing. All the quaint little cafes along the streets are so pretty. The shops are everywhere. It's a woman's dream shopping city. The buildings are so old but yet the most beautifulest I had ever seen. There is so much history in Paris, it would take weeks and weeks to see all of it. So you know I will just have to keep visiting Paris to see more of it!

                                               The Louvre Museum

                                                       We saw the real Mona Lisa

                                                   Venus De Milo

                                      The  beautiful painted ceilings are breath taking

                                                       Eiffel Tower

                                            Famous:   Kissed over the River Seine

                                                         Notra Dame Cathedral

                                       Arc De Triumphe---tumb of the unknow soilders

                                                Lots of French soilders walking
                                                    around for your protection

                             Look at the favorite car over in Paris

                                                 Seeing people acting like statues

                                           A lot of the buildings are art...see this one!  
        Well I can't wait to go back to visit Paris again. Until next time aurevoir Paris!

                      I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. This is the most beautiful place I have visited. I can't wait to return.


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