Thursday, September 15, 2011

Making a Easy Wrist Corsage

Well if you have ever needed a corsage quick, look you can do this, I did!

I bought all of my different supplies from Hobby Lobby half price or any craft store.
These are some things I bought to do my corsage. Pick out a few flowers you like. I also picked out two different kinds of wired ribbon to match one wider than the other.

The flowers were 99 cents each so I got them for 49 cents each. Ribbon was the most half of $3.99 so $2 each spool.
I even bought a corsage holder to put it in just like you get from the florist. Hey half of 77 cents. so 38 cents....
I used a hot glue gun to glue the flowers to the ribbon bed. Something you normally already have for crafts.

I saw corsages with ribbon ties or a stretchy sequin band. So I bought some of both.
This was $1.25.

This is my ribbon bed to glue the flowers to. In one hand make loops back and forth of the larger ribbon, about four on each side and cut leaving a tail. Still holding the loops start making four loops on each side with second ribbon then cut leaving a tail. I had cut a piece of the larger ribbon about 15 inches and set aside. Use the piece of ribbon to tie in the middle of the loops to hold together and make a knot tightly. Then straighten up all the loops evenly all around. You will have long ends left. This is what you use to tie the corsage to your arm. Duck tail the ends of all the pieces of ribbon.
I watched a few videos on YouTube to see different ways to make a corsage. I saw someone putting a fake diamond in the middle of her flowers, so look how pretty it looks after. Remember I bought these for half price..they come three together on separate wires. $2.99 so for $1.50 for three.
Just use the little wire to hook to the flower middle.
                                      Flower before and after diamond.
Cut some of the stem off from bottom of each flower.

Put some of the glue on each bottom of flower and glue to the bed of ribbon you just made. Hold down for a few minutes and you are done. All you have to do is tie in a bow on your arm. If needed cut the ribbon off if its to long.
You can get someone to tie it for you.
See how pretty

Now if you would rather put the sparkly band on instead. Take the piece you bought to fit you arm plus two inches and sew by hand or machine together to make a circle. I made it alittle snug fitting so flowers don't slide around while on arm.
I cut a piece of cardboard about 2 X 3 inches oval and then hole punched like this in photo. Use the long ribbon ties to secure this to the back of the flowers on the ribbon bed. Then tie this to the sequin arm band  just made buy punching  two holes and inserting the ribbon through near the seam that you just sewed. After tying tightly cut your ribbon. Hide the ends behind the seams. I put a piece of clear packing tape around the seam so not to bother you while wearing it.

See with the tape flattened around the seams you don't see it and it makes it smooth to wear on your arm. Making the corsage this way you can put it on by your self.

Now look how beautiful it looks made this way. My son decided this is how he wanted to leave the corsage to give to his girl at the Homecoming Dance. I also made a boutonniere with a single rose to match for him...

See how pretty they look in the floral container. Now they are ready to bring to the dance...

This is what you can do with no advance warning when our teenagers want a corsage for the dance and no time to order...AND it was less price. I paid about $7 for all of this. NICE    Until next time! Come back to see what treasures I might be making.

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  1. I need to make one of these for the Homecoming dance for my son's date. This look easy enough. Thanks for the nice tutorial.


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