Monday, September 26, 2011

Texas Drought 2011

This is what the San Jacinto River looks like with the drought in Houston (Kingwood) Texas. You can walk across the river bed. Its so sad looking with almost no water in the photos I have shown.
See how far out of the water the boat ramps are! 

I have had maybe 6 days of rain at my home since Christmas 2010.
Just weed are growing up every where now.
Texas has wildfires popping up every where now. We are in water restrictions for our yards.        

  So we really feed our wildlife. I put our bird feeders!

 See all the big trees dying.

 Its the big OAKS that are said to see die!

 All down the streets are the beautiful trees going brown from drought and dying!

 What makes me said is the fact how long it took for a large Oak to get this big. Then to die in a matter of months.

So we Texasans pray for rain but not a Hurricane. Keep us in your thoughts.


  1. Sending rainy wishes your way Steph. So sad to see those trees and lawns all turning brown.

    Janet xox

  2. The trees dying makes sense but it's hard to believe that the oaks aren't withstanding the drought as old and massive as they can get. The weather is so nuts. We have the wettest weather right now which is unusual for Fall. I did hear on the news though that some scientists are looking into a way to pipe water from one area of the US to another....that will be interesting to see but I'm sure quite a many years off.

  3. Hi Stephanie - I just came across your blog and wanted to say hi. I'm in Atascocita and it is dry here too! Every time we drive across Lake Houston it is worse than the time before.
    I hope to find some time next week to look around your blog. (my oldest son is coming tomorrow to spend the weekend so I won't have a lot of computer time over the weekend)


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