Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thrift Shopping Finds

I am so happy you came by to visit my blog. I am not very good at this yet but I am a fast learner! I love free or cheap things when garage sailing or thrift shopping.
Well look at a few items I have been searching for. We added on a sun room to our home this summer. So I wanted to show my husband we could get all the furniture for it for really cheap. I was thrifting a few weeks ago and found a few nice pieces. Let me share them with you.

                      I wanted a nice coffee table with drawers for my den and look how pretty she is. I have been looking for a while and came across this beauty. The four drawers are so big just what I had been wanting. I only paid $40 for her and she is solid wood. I love the idea she is on rollers and easy to move.

 I need a nice comfortable big chair for my sun room. I found her for $40. I have been reading about the pretty slip covers my friend Janet Metzger from The Empty Nest  has been making. SO this is going to be my first try at making a slip cover for this chair. Reveal later. :)

Look at the nice sofa bed I found that had never been slept on! 
Whow $75 I had shopped around and these are so expensive new. I wanted this for my sun room. I can see the grandchildren wanting to sleep out there so I will be ready. Yes MiMi , which is me,  I will be right out there with them. Camping out as they say!

 I saw this pretty side table and thought omg I want to try my new order of Chalk Paint by
Annie Sloan. This pretty table would look nice with a new coat of old white or Paris gray paint and made to look aged. I only paid $25 for her. Oh yes Janet from The Empty Nest has been teaching this and I am going to try it out. I just received my paint order. Reveal later

 I had been looking for a new sewing desk, craft station, a what ever desk with lots of storage.It had to have a large desk top for my sewing machines. I found this pretty hutch top for $20. It is solid wood and with lighted shelves. So I needed a desk to put it on. On Kingwood Yard Sales site I saw a lady giving this desk away FREE. Yes free so I made my husband bring me over to see it. It had to be a certain width and depth  for the top hutch to fit on. Yes yes it fit so we loaded it up in the truck and brought it home. It just needed a new top, no problem we added a piece of thick smooth plywood. She has big deep drawers for a lot of storage. Pretty glass shelves in the top with lights for my tea cups. So now its on top of each other. Three different colors will not work. Guess what I am going to Chalk Paint it all to match each other and age it. Add some new knobs. My husband says I better never want to move it because it is so heavy. Reveal later

I also saw the really different chair at my favorite little shop. I though it was so comfortable to sit in..hemmmm I could use this at my craft and sewing station. OH YES I am going to Chalk Paint it also when I redo the desk!

Look at the tall back and sleek lines she has, from the top all the way to the tiny legs. Cute little arm. I kept going back and looking at her and finally said oh well I want her also!

                 See how she looks from the back so different, but so very comfortable to sit in. 
                                                                     Reveal soon.
Well I am a happy girl with these nice finds I had been looking for. Show us what thing you find around your town. Some day I find nothing I am looking for and others I come home with the mother load! I will be back to show you my finished redone items soon. Come back and visit again, you never know what I might be up to in my Ladybug's Garden!


  1. Holy Cow Stephanie!

    You have been holding out on me girl...I love all your thrifty finds. That french side table is awesome and is going to be fabulous painted and distressed. The furniture, the sewing station and that chair!

    I am seriously impressed ;->

    Can't wait to see the after's take lots of pictures!

    You need to start linking up to different blog parties...check out the ones I link's fun and you meet all kinds of cool ladies.

    Eddie must be so proud of your thriftyness.

    Great post Steph
    Janet xox

  2. These are great finds and really cheap. I love to fill my home with recycled furniture also! Save the landfills..

  3. Wow!! You got some great thrifted items. I am do jealous. Can't wait to see your big reveals! Everything is going to look so impressive.

  4. Great finds!
    I'm a new follower. Came over from Blue Cricket.
    I have a link party going on it you'd like to share a project.

  5. Oooh, I love a thrifty find...and you have tons! Thanks so much for linking up to Thrifty Thursday :)


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