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Girls Jeggings Tutorial

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Girls Jeggings Tutorial

So I have a TON of old jeans saved for projects like this one.  
You probably do too, right?  Great!  
Now you can make some jeggings (jean + leggings)
 for the little girl in your life! 
                                                      Did I mention you'll have a new pair of girls pants for free!?  I love it.


Ready?  Here we go.
All you need is:
Old jeans with stretch and some elastic.
(and obviously, a sewing machine, thread and sewing materials)


The trick to making them look like you bought them? 
 Keep the side and the bottom hem!

Take an existing pair of your child's leggings and fold them in half. 
 Line them up to the bottom and sides of your pair of jeans.

 Cut about 1/2 inch around (for seam allowance)
and about an inch to inch and a half for the waist band. 
 Cut out the same thing on the other leg.

You should have two pieces like this.

Lay the pieces together, right sides in and pin
 the tops up to the crotch together. 
 You will sew the two pieces together.  
Finish with a serger or a zigzag stitch to prevent it from fraying.

This is what it'll look like once it's sewn together.

Now you can sew up the legs. 
 Again, sewing a zig zag or with a serger to finish the seams.

Easy, huh!?  So far so good.  Now we need a waist.

First, zigzag or serge the top (this is not shown). 
 Once that is done, fold over the waist about
an inch and press and pin.  Sew your waist, leaving
 an opening for your elastic.

Run your elastic through the waistband
and sew it closed.  That's it.  Seriously. 
 It took me 20 minutes.. maybe.  So make a few!!

 Pretty cute!  Perfect for those fall boots, am I right?

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!

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