Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tea Cup Bird Feeders

I am so glad to see you stopped by again or maybe you are new welcome to my Ladybug's Garden. I have a cute, easy and cheap craft for you today. I love to make these. 
They are Tea Cup or Mug and Saucer Bird Feeders.  I go thrift shopping for all the ones I make.  Tea cups, mugs and saucers are so cheap like 50 cents or less. As you can see I like big funny colorful one. The birds love colorful things that attract them like flower colors.
I always have these made for gifts!

My Inspiration Pieces

Things you will need:
Tea Cups or Mugs and Saucers
Old spoons
Any pipe--Some people use copper piping and fittings. It is kinda expensive and people are stealing it. I used conduit pipe and fittings (made for burying  electrical wires) You can find it at Lowes ot Home Depot in the electrical  departments. (cheapest)
Ends to glue to bottom of saucers
Gorilla Glue 
Any Industrial Glue
Hot Glue Gun
not Liquid Nail-it will fall apart

I chose this type of pipe due to it being cheap and the color would blend in when in the flower bed..
As I learned Liq Nail will be ok for the cup gluing to the saucer...But when you glue the little top and put it on the pipe Liq Nail will not hold..
Add glue to mug bottom and Press cup or mug on to saucer 
See how pretty

I tried Liquid nails first but they would not stay glued.....or....
 I used Gorilla Glue on the bottom of the caps

Add Gorilla Glue to cap and press on bottom of saucer

Put glue on bottom of your cup and press on saucer and let dry
Letting them dry
Now glue a spoon on each cup set! The birds can perch on the spoons.
See how pretty
This is my funny one..ha a cat!
Just a repeat to show you how easy...
Beautiful mugs and saucers I found Thrifting 25 cents

See hammer the pole in ground then put cup on top of it!

I think bright colors like these are pretty.
Once they are dry, I take my cut pipe the length you want it to be tall in flower bed out with my cup set to the yard. I hammer the pipe into the flower bed where I want it and then sit the cup set onto the top of pipe. This way you can get the pipe deep enough not to fall over. Then put the cup feeder on the pole press and jiggle it on.

Any kind of bird seed you like...

 I think this pretty Bird Feeder makes your flower beds so pretty and colorful and better the birds will enjoy them..You can get any kind of bird seed you want. I just bought this one.
Now just add bird feed around in the saucer and fill the cup with water for the birds to enjoy!

Don't you just love her, I DO !

I used thrift store finds 
See how pretty!
I put this pretty one out side my husbands home office window!!

This make your flower beds look like they have flowers in them  lol....

Now go thrifting and make the birds some feeders! 
I love my cat mug!
 Come back soon. Stay creative!


  1. so cute Steph!!!!

    Love the cat one also...well done

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  2. Love these. I've seen them with drilled holes but I like these so much better. I actually stopped at goodwill this morning to look for cups and saucers. The guy at the flea market wanted way too much for me to experiment with. Going to keep my eye out at yard sales too!!

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  4. How about using a hot glue gun? Is there any reason this would not work?

  5. Buy a tube of clear acrylic, works great.

  6. I've only seen these once outside a tea room in Fenton,MO...gotta to make 2 for Mother's Day...will E6000 glue work? I'm NOT crafty so don't own a glue gun...Valerie


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