Monday, January 7, 2013

Mouse Finger Pin Cushion

Let's make a cute Mouse Finger Pin Cushion.
                                         All you need is a few scraps of material and felt.   
We need:
A piece of fabric 3.5 X 3.5 inches
Needle Floss
2 Black Beads
Polyester Fiber Fill

Green felt for ears to match my fabric.. 
What I thought is what ever material you choose match the felt for the ears.
Cut one square of  fabric into the measurement's needed.

Fold the square into a triangle

As shown here

 Here measure where you want the Mouse's eyes and ears.
Mark spots with quilters disappearing ink pin.

With the green felt cut two tiny ears. 
They don't have to be perfect.

 Just tack down the little ears by hand.

Use two tiny black beads of any kind for eyes. 
Also you can just make knots for eyes with embroidery thread.

See how cute.

Now turn the square with the wrong side out and sew together.
Leave an opening to turn.

Turn the triangle to the right side.

Now fill the mouse with Polyester Fill or what every kind you might have.
Sew the opening together.

Bring the two point tips together and sew by hand together.
See from the back how I sewed them together.

Put your cute mouse on any finger you like. Be careful if you use
long pins not to stick your self. I love to  make these as gifts. 
They are pretty in any color or print.

Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon. 
I am starting to play with paper piecing and quilting and love it.
Stay creative!

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