Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Log Cabin Tutorial- A Scrappy Stash Quilt

Sometimes you just need the freedom of improv piecing. You need to be able to wing it and sew without much fuss.

We are making monochromatic improv log cabins, and they are EASY and quick. 

scrappy stash quilt along
So easy you probably don't need a tutorial, but just in case you do- here you go. 

*Please read through all directions first.
fabric scraps sorted into like colors
rotary cutter
quilting ruler
8.5" x 8.5" square up ruler
sewing machine
1. Start by cutting all of your scraps into strips between 1.5" - 2". Don't worry about how long they are. Press any that are super wrinkled.

2. Start with a 2" x 2" square as your center. It's fun to fussy cut these but not necessary.

3. Choose a scrap and sew it on the side of the center square, finger press then trim away the excess. 
4. Take another strip and sew it on to the bottom of the two you just created. Finger press then trim. 
5. Choose another strip and sew it on to the left side of the 3 pieced square. Finger press and trim. Repeat as you build along each side in log cabin fashion. 

After you add each strip, use your ruler to trim the side and straighten up. 
6. Once you get to 7" on a side, be sure to add 2" wide strips only so you will have some excess to trim at the end. 

7. Press your block then using your 8.5" x 8.5" ruler, trim your block. Try to leave at least a 1" wide strip on each side. 

That's it! 
Now, here's the thing. There is no wrong way to do this. You can switch it up and use 1" strips if you want- just make sure to switch to 2" strips for the last ones so you aren't left with super skinny logs on the outside. If that happens though- no sweat. There are no rules- just recommendations. 

I think it looks best to vary your logs by using 1.5" -2" strips as you build your block. I also like to vary where I put my dark and light strips. Sometimes I repeat fabrics in a block, sometimes I don't.

If you choose to make 12" blocks you will just keep going and add more strips.

Shhh, don't tell but I don't press until midway and sometimes not until the end of each block! I just try my best to keep the fabrics tight and figure a good starching at the end will work it all out. 

For our quilt-along, choose how many blocks you want to make and what colors you are going to use. I made 48 blocks (8 rows of 6 blocks) and used 9 colors (red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, aqua, purple and gray.)  I made 5 blocks of each color and then three extra.  My finished quilt will be 64" x 48".

To qualify for the prizes in this quilt-along, you will need to complete a lap size quilt with at least 30 blocks (6 rows of 5 blocks =  40" x 48".)   You can choose whether or not to use sashing and you can choose your layout. I'll show you several layout options when the time comes.

30 blocks require 3 1/8 yards max for backing and batting
30 blocks with 2" sashing require 4 1/4 yards of backing and batting
48 blocks require 4 yards of backing and batting

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