Monday, February 11, 2013

Tristian's Tumbler Quilt

Well, I have been going to the International Quilt Festival in Houston Texas 
for years and have never made a large quilt. The last couple of years Roxanne my niece and I have gone together and had so much fun. I had made baby quilts but not from piecing.  SO
I am making my youngest grandson a quilt.
 The pattern is with The AccuQuilt Go Tumbler .
 I thought oh this will be so easy. Well, I cut my blocks out started sewing them together alternating colors. Looked back oh my goodness. They weren't tumbling. I had to rip out about 14 blocks. My niece Roxanne has been giving me lessons. Well, I better be taking more lessons soon. She is a great quilter and I admire her work. Roxanne had shown me so many tips you could not learn in a book. It is better to learn from a person than books or videos. Make sure you listen to an experienced quilter on your first quilt pattern and go for easy and simple. I learn my lesson to put the blocks on my design wall. Plan it first. Don't be To quick to sew. Then I take them off in rows laying them in sewing order. I put a sticky note with the row numbers. I saw this method on Missouri Quilt Co videos. It really works out faster and I then don't mess up again. So here's my in progress quilt top. I came out a little bigger than I first thought, but he will love it and not out grow the quilt so fast. I will return with a finished product for a followup blog. Thank you Roxanne for being patient teaching me quilting from the beginning so I will learn the right way. More lesson in my near future!
My Tumbler Quilt!

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