Thursday, March 7, 2013

How To Make a TV Tray Ironing Board

This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever made. And so dang handy! I don’t feel bad leaving it in my living room because it looks adorable. 
Inexpensive Wooden Tray Table (Target or Walmart)
Natural-Fiber Batting: 4 pieces, about 1-1/2″ larger than the top of your TV table.  I used scraps of Warm & White and Warm & Natural.
Home-Dec Weight Cotton Fabric: 1 piece, about 3″ larger than the top of your TV table. You can use a regular cotton fabric, but you might want to double-it-up or put some lining fabric under it. Or just be ok with the possibility of it wearing out quicker!
Insul-Bright Insulated Batting: 1 piece, about 3″ larger than the top of your TV table.
Staple Gun
Pinking Shears or Pinking Blade in Rotary Cutter (optional)Tack Hammer (optional)

Step One:

Press fabric and lay it, wrong side up, on a table.  First lay your insulated batting fabric, shiny-side down on your fabric. Then center your stack of batting pieces on top of the Insul-Bright.

Step Two:

Center your tray table, upside-down, on top of the batting and fabric stack.  I recommend keeping the legs open – it makes it a LOT easier.

 Step Three:

To reduce the bulk in the corners, cut all your batting in a square almost up to the edge of your table in all four corners.

Step Four:

Starting on one long side, fold your fabric up to the edge of the table (this will tuck the cut edges under and help prevent fraying. You could also trim your fabric with pinking shears if you wanted). Pull the folded fabric to the underside of the table and staple it in place.  If you find it’s difficult to simultaneously hold and staple the fabric, ask a friend to do one while you do the other. Also, if you don’t have enough fabric to fold the fabric under that much you can just kind of roll the cut-edge under before you staple it.
Repeat the same steps on the opposite edge, being sure to pull super tight.

Step Five:

On the corners, tuck and fold the fabric under towards the short side of the table that hasn’t been stapled yet. Put a staple in the edge to secure that fold (it will be hidden).
Repeat on all four corners.

Step Six:

Roll and staple the fabric on the short sides, just as you did on the long.

Step Six:

Now that all sides are secured go back around and fill in the gaps with more staples. That fabric isn’t going anywhere!
And there you have it. Your finished masterpiece!
I love that you can totally make it your own by using fun fabrics or painting the legs. What a great gift for your quilting friends! Or one for every room in your house. Whatever floats your boat !
And look how nicely it folds up!

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