Monday, April 8, 2013


Well, I hope everyone is having a nice April so far. The weather has been very nice in Texas. All the leaves are popping out. Which means a lot of pollen so great I had a sinus infection. I was so sick.

But let me tell what I have been up to. One day I was surfing the internet of many many blogs. I ran across this wonderful lady Carol  mamacj    this is her blog. You will love what you see she does. Carol is so talented. She makes little wall quilts of you when you send her a photo. She brings out the ladies looks and likes. All I can say is they are wonderful.
 They are called  "The Ladies". Well, I kept going back and looking at these pretty quilts of Ladies she makes and I said I want one!
I sent her by email several photo shots of me. I also told her about myself, thing I like doing and my favorite colors etc. I was so excited girls I have to tell you. Then in a couple of day the mail came and there it was "ME". I could not wait to open the package up. I ran to my sewing room with my box. Out ME came and I just starred at ME! OMG Carol's Quilt of me was so beautiful. I just love it.

 I ran into my husbands office. What do you think this is ME?? He couldn't believe people do these kind of things. You know, I said to him, us girls and guys can make anything now days. Carol even put Ladybugs on my earrings.
Carol joked with me about not wearing spool earrings. Well Girls I just happened to have tiny ladybug buttons and tiny sewing spools. I went on a mission, I made the earrings put them on and sent Carol a photo of me and the quilt. We both laughed out loud. I really don't wear these kind of big earrings. But I had fun making them and taking a photo. Every now and then we all need a good laugh!

See the cute earring.

I love my Quilt ME! Carol you are a great artist! 
My quilt will hang in my sewing room with honor !

Carol      mamacjt

Until next time. Come back often and check and see what
 I might be growing in my Ladybugs Garden!

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