Friday, January 9, 2015

Quilters Portable Design Board

I saw these portable design boards being made over at A Bee In My Bonnet Blog Click Here
She make all different sizes for making quilt blocks. When you have a block cut out lay it on one of these cute design boards. You can just pick up a piece at a time and lay it back down in place. Never getting the pieces mixed up. I like using these going back and forth from the ironing board and sewing machine also. You can make several board and layout several quilt blocks ready to sew. Just lay them on top of each other next to the sewing machine.

I buy my foamboard in big sheet for $1 at the Dollar Store at Dollar Tree.

 I cut my foamboard in to different sizes.

This one I cut into 4 pieces

 I cut quilt batting to cover only the top of the foamboard.

 See in photo above

I have four pieces ready to make. 

 Get your hot glue gun ready.

I run a thick line of glue on one side at a time

 Put the glue all the way around and press the batting down.
I use strips of scrap fabric to make base tape to cover the edges. You don't have to cut it on the bias. 
I cut 
Scrap strips 2 1/2 wide strips to use.

Next I press under a small piece of each edge of fabric.

I run a glue bead on top of edge of batting and press with my fingers 
the fabric strip
 all around the square.
Fold the corners just like you do quilt binding.

Also glue the back the same way. Run a glue bead around a little at a 
time pressing the fabric down with fingers.

 See how pretty they come out.
Now when you do your quilt blocks they stick to the batting and want fall off.

I love that when transferring back and forth from the ironing and cutting
 boards you want loose and pieces of you quilt blocks. The block pieces stay in order.

 I make several sizes of these. I want to make one big design board to put 
in front of my sewing machine. You can make these in sizes you match the different sizes of quilt blocks you make.

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